Epcot: Arguably the best way to use a Disney World two day hopper ticket.

The American Adventure Show

Park Summary:

Two main areas: World showcase with 11 countries to visit with amazing culture and food, and Future world with cool rides and unique experiences
Fastpasses to reserve: Test Track 11am-12pm, Mission Space 12-1pm, Spaceship Earth 1pm-2pm After using these, you can see if there is one for Frozen ever After
Dining reservations- Lots of good options here.  Eat in one of the countries! 
Dining Options: All the food is amazing here.  It depends on your palate, but I recommend Le Cellier in Canada or any of the Italian restaurants.

Day plan- In the morning, do future world, and in the afternoon, explore world showcase
At park opening, go to the right to the Land.  Ride Soarin and Living with the Land.  Then go to the Seas and ride the Nemo ride and explore the aquarium.  Walk across future world to Test track, use your fastpasses, and then move on to World Showcase.  Take your time in the countries, walk all the way into the back of each, there are a lot of hidden gems.  New nighttime show started October 1st, 2019, any spot along the world showcase lagoon where you can see into the middle is a good spot for viewing. 

Must Do: Soarin’, Test Track, Mission Space (intense but worth it), Spaceship Earth, Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure
China, America, France, and Canada have 12-30 min movies about each country, these are a good rest point. Check timing guide to see when they’re starting so you don’t waste time waiting for them