Hollywood Studios Disney World

Park Summary: 

A park transitioning into its identity containing different themed areas that puts you into the center of the movies.  Stars Wars Land, Toy Story Land, and Hollywood Blvd. contain good live shows, a couple of great thrill rides, and an overall unique experience.  It is a smaller park, so there’s not as much to take up your entire day.  It’s a park that you could use a Disney World park hopper ticket, combining with Animal Kingdom or Epcot.  I do strongly recommend to be there for my favorite nighttime show Fantasmic- arriving 30 minutes before show time. 


Note:  Hollywood Studios fastpass system is tiered so you can only get 1 of the “top tier” attractions.  Therefore, you want to use all your fastpasses  as fast as possible so you can get a new fastpass for a tier 1 attaction.  All the attractions that aren’t on the top tier list do not need a fastpass, or for the Star Wars Attractions, they don’t have Fastpass as of now. 

Fastpasses to reserve:  Slinky Dog Dash ~ 10:30-11:30am, Star Tours 11:30-12:30pm, Muppet Vision 12:30-1:30

The second two are unneeded, use them ASAP and then look for a fastpass for one of the other tier 1 attractions


Dining options: 50’s Prime time Café, Sci Fi Dine in are my favorites


Day plan: Go to Star Wars land first at park opening, move to Toy Story land, use fastpasses quickly, then explore the rest of the park.  If older party members don’t want to ride the intense rides (Rockin Roller Coaster + Tower of Terror) there are two shows close by to do instead.  They can also always go through a line, then exit right before getting on so you don’t have to split up your party or wait

Must Do: Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, Tower of Terror, Rockin Roller Coaster, Fantasmic!