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Disneyland   General Planning Tips

          Disneyland Resort is divided into two parks,  Disneyland, and Disney's California Adventure. When buying Disneyland tickets, make sure to take this into account. If you want to see everything in both parks, you will need Disneyland Tickets for 2 days. If you are just coming to see what the magic is all about, Disneyland Tickets for 1 day will work. However, I recommend getting Disneyland Hopper Tickets for 2 days. This will allow you to move back and forth between each park (they are just steps from each other) and possibly get to see multiple nighttime spectaculars on the same night. In the morning, be sure to grab a map and times guide for shows! Both parks at Disneyland Resort have absolutely incredible nighttime shows, so be sure to stay for them. You won't be disappointed!

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Sleeping Beauty Castle
Sleeping Beauty Castle Disneyland divide line

Disney World Tickets

Disney World

Disney World   General Planning Tips

Know how many days you are going to be there. Depending on how long, you can get Disney World tickets for 1 day, or park hopper tickets. Disney World park hopper tickets allow you to jump from park to park during the day without paying for separate tickets, so if you don't have a lot of time, this is the option for you! With a 2 day park hopper Disney World ticket you can get everything you want done in all 4 Disney World parks in that time, you'll just have to hustle. If you do have more time, paying for more days at a time will save you money.

With your Disney World tickets, you will automatically have access to their  Fastpass+  system. This system allows you to book times for attractions that you want to experience, and allows you to bypass the regular standby line. Using this system effectively is crucial in making the most of your time at Disney World.

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Magic Kingdom
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